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Shut down Fantasyland zoo, relocate and treat the rescued animals.

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Please sign this petition if you are inside or outside Saudi Arabia and circulate because we need international awareness about these blatant animal rights and law violations in Saudi Arabia. Circuses are illegal in Saudi Arabia, and so is the importation of endangered and exotic animals according to CITES laws. It is also illegal to abuse, sell and make money off of animals according to Islamic laws. However, the zoo at Fantasyland in thumamah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia has lions, tigers, bears, coyotes, hyenas, monkeys in small 3 meter metal cages with no food or water present. The animals are suffering from malnutrition, and have had teeth removed as evident in the photos and video. These animals are clearly depressed and miserable and may be drugged and further abused physically. This place is a zoo of horrors and must be shut down immediately and the animals humanely relocated and given veterinary care.

For the truth about this zoo, please look at the videos at:
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Please send a fax/ letter or call the Saudi Wildlife Commission:


Highness Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud

Secretary General of the Saudi Commission for Wildlife

PO BOX 61681

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Address: PO Box 61681, Riyadh 11575, Saudi Arabia

Direct Fax: +966(01) 4410797

Commission Fax: +966(01) 2121716

Telephone: +966(01) 4410369 (Br. Borhan or CITES office)                                                                              

Your Highness Prince Bandar bin Saud Al Saud,

We would like to bring to your attention the case of imported exotic animals at Fantasyland, Riyadh, Thumamah, Saudi Arabia against CITES regulations.  Fantasyland is not a pet shop and does not have legal permission to have these animals.   In addition, it is illegal to have circuses in Saudi Arabia, and we have been advised that these animals are often used in a circus.   The lions, hyenas, monkeys, dogs and other animals are not well looked after, nor is food and water present.  People who visit are shocked that such conditions could exist in Saudi Arabia, the homeland of Islam as you can see on these blogs: 

Furthermore, since the animals have no food, space and have not been cared for, it is dangerous to people, including the families and children who visit Fantasyland.  In fact, Asmahan Al-Ghamdi, an editor at Al-Riyadh was attacked by a lion in June 2011.  She suffered injuries that wound up requiring surgical attention.  No more cases like this should happen as it looks very bad for Saudi Arabia to have a lack of control over these illegal zoos and circuses. 

In addition, the animals look very thin and may be in need of medical attention according to doctors and veterinarians who have seen the photos.  The workers are not trained animal professionals, particularly in the area of exotic animals, and they are afraid of the animals – thus they do not clean the cage or give  proper medical care.  As the Wildlife Commission has a responsibility to set good examples, and educate people on correct animal welfare and uphold laws, we are kindly asking for your intervention to release improve the conditions of these animals or release them into the proper hands of international animal rescues for help.

Now that Saudi Arabia is a part of CITES, and already has the high standards of the Quran and Hadith that enforce animal welfare, let’s show the world that Saudi Arabia does support animal welfare and preservation by looking after the animals and observing the international and local laws of animal welfare. 

Thank you for your time and assistance. 




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