Lift Canada's ban for citizens leaving the country

Lift Canada's ban for citizens leaving the country

March 9, 2022
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Minister of Transport of Canada
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Why this petition matters

Started by Livia Wilson

This petition is to request an immediate exemption from the federal government’s mandatory Covid-19 vaccine requirements for air travelers. 

The Federal Canadian Government states the following on its website: 

"As of November 30, 2021, vaccination will be required for travel within and to depart Canada. A valid COVID-19 molecular test will no longer be accepted as an alternative to vaccination unless you're eligible for one of the limited exemptions."(

Canada is the only country in the developed world that has banned Covid vaccine-free travelers from air travel. Currently, there is a lawsuit filed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ only living signatory against the travel mandates that blatantly infringe upon the basic right to mobility (see filed lawsuit:

As the lawsuit is in progress for all Canadians, I am filing a complaint through the Canadian Human Rights Commission and seeking an exemption through the relevant authorities.The current travel mandates are especially discriminatory towards immigrants in the country such as myself that often need to leave Canada for essential reasons, such as connecting with dear family members, attending funerals, or taking care of an ill family member. Furthermore, in a public interview with a Quebec Television Station earlier this year, Prime Minister Trudeau called the unvaccinated ‘racists,’ ‘misogynists, ‘anti-science’ and ‘extremist’ while he questioned ‘do we tolerate these people?’ This has had detrimental impact to the mental health of many Canadians, who no longer feel safe in this country due to the fact they feel targeted by their own Prime Minister. This is exacerbated by the fact that these Canadians aren't permitted to leave the country under any other public health safety measures, such as having PCR tests, quarantine, masks, etc., which were in place prior to vaccine mandates.

The travel vaccination mandate is preventing approximately 6 million unvaccinated Canadians (15% of Canada’s population) from travel within Canada and prevents them from flying out of Canada.This is despite the fact that vaccine passport requirements are being lifted in many other provinces across Canada, including Ontario as of March, 2022, at the provincial level. In other words, as of March 2022, I am permitted to enter a bar or a club without a vaccine passport but I am banned from leaving the country to attend a funeral. It is clear that the travel mandates are not coherent, in addition to them being contradictory to other public health policies.

The discriminatory travel ban needs to end for all Canadians. Immediate exemptions for travel need to be granted to Canadians with dual-citizenship who are immigrants and need to leave the country to connect with loved ones.

Please sign this petition to help me get an exemption to the current travel mandates.

Thank you for your help!





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This petition had 172 supporters

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