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Ban Blinding Vehicle Lights

Blinding vehicle lights are surely the most pressing road safety problem of modern times.  They create a dangerous "LIGHTMARE" (see

These lights were supposed to reduce accidents by 6% instead they have risen overall by 6% with vulnerable road users particularly cyclists rising by 30% (see Blinding Lights blamed for soaring crash rate - a gimmick too far)

When life-safety is at risk why are car manufacturers trying to out-shine one another by fitting dazzling lights that cause temporary blindness under the guise of safety?

The law is clear: Highway Code rule 114 [Law RVLR reg 27] "You MUST NOT use any lights in a way which would dazzle or cause discomfort to other road users, including pedestrians and cyclists".

Thousands of people have already complained - we need a million to force the UK and EU lawmakers take action.

We petition the Minister of Transport to enforce the law and to eliminate blinding vehicle lights which affect a driver's vision to save the lives of pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers.


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