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Close Down The Last Remaining Fur Farm in Japan

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The Mink Farm, located in Niigata Prefecture, breeds and holds about 2,500 minks for fur. And the farm is illegal.
Japan’s Invasive Alien Species Act requires anyone who owns American mink to obtain a permit. The mink farm not only violates the act, but also keeps its animals in sub-standard conditions.

Ministry of the Environment has the authority to give a closedown order for this mink farm.
However, they have failed to issue the order so far.
Please sign the petition below to request the Minister of the Environment to issue a closedown order immediatly, and abolish fur farming in Japan.

American mink is categorized as an invasive alien species and private ownership of the animal is prohibited by law in order to protect the Japanese ecosystem. Investigators from Animal Rights Center witnessed the moment when a 2-month-old mink escaped the mink farm in Niigata. The animal was seen appearing out of the farm and running away in the direction of the nearby river. He/she is most likely to survive and breed with other minks which are thought to already inhabit the area. Minks found in the wild are captured and killed according to the law.

Many feral minks found in other parts of Japan, originally from fur farms (either escaped or released), have already been killed.Any future generations of the species, if found, will be killed as well.


We found and take movie a small mink run out from the fur farm.

See the movie.

 We must let this mink farm close down as soon as possible.

We would like your cooperation.


No welfare for mink here.

Minks in the Niigata fur farm are kept in a terrible condition by the owner.
The animals have no access to clean drinking water, and suffering tremendously during the current hot season.

See this movies and photographs.


The minks are locked up in filthy wire cages.

Algae and mud are stuck to containers which are supposed to carry water. When Animal Rights Centre investigated the farm in 2012, no water was to be found in the containers, and there seem to be no water supply to the hose nearby.

Even if there was some water in the containers, unless they are full, the minks could not reach the water as the containers are fixed to the outside of the cages.


Dust and feces are stuck to and hang off the cages.

The cages are rusted and they look like they coudl fall apart at any moment. Some have already been broken, and mended with plastic strings. Others have been left unrepaired, with their bottoms fallen out.



These minks suffering heat, they cannot open eyes like a right photograph; and painfully breathed.,when looked in September, 2012.

They fell down and roughened breath and had licked the bucket like to say that please pour water.

The footwear of the mink was made of wire netting, and a foot looked pitiful.



When they looked in March, 2014, some minks continued spinning around in a cage.


It was the mink which acted alone, but approximately four of them were originally put in one small cage each. There seemed to be the birdhouse made of trees in the depths, but did not seem to be the size that all these four of them poured.


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