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**DEPORTED**Now working to bring Tony home to safety

Tony was hunted twice by a tribe that detests Christianity, but thankfully he escaped. Three years ago, he fled his small, African village in Nigeria for the safe refuge of Canada. Despite the fact that our Spousal Sponsorship application will be heard in Fall 2012, he has been issued a deportation order. In a matter of a few days, he'll have to return to face possible torture, kidnapping or death. This is a waste of taxpayers' money and it just doesn't make sense to deport a man so loved by his wife, stepson, parents-in-law, sisters and brothers-in-law, friends and church community. His wife and new family is devasted and is fighting for his life. Please help us by urging his CBSA Officer to reconsider and stay his deportation order. Let Tony stay!

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  • Minister of Public Safety, Minister of Citizenship & Immigration

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