Ban buying and selling of animals online

Ban buying and selling of animals online

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Started by Rebecca Dow

The UK tried it so can we!!

Lets be the voice for the voiceless and prevent further suffering of animals through backyard breeding and inadequate education and update the welfare acts. 

Too many animals are being rehomed or abandoned due to lack of knowledge of proper care leading to rescues being over run with pets needing homes, the goal is to educate and eradicate the market for more animals to be born into a society where they will not be cared for and leave spaces in homes for the already existing animals in need of love and care. 

A complete ban on the sale of animals online through pet selling sites, other classified sites or social media EXCEPT:

- Genuine rescue centers: Registered by the council and listing animals for adoption, ALL must be vaccinated and spay/neutered BEFORE listing. 

- Licensed Breeders: Who should run their own website, showing their full details and license number, verifiable by the councils website.

*Must have regular SPCA checks for; Adequate size/space, appropriate food and water, only a certain number of animals allowed dependent on property size, animals MUST be appropriate age to be rehomed, adults MUST be fully vaccinated, regular vet checks, only a certain amount of litters per male/female pairs and ALL animals rehomed MUST be Neutered/Desexed. 

- A ban on the import of pets unless rescued.

- Pet owners MUST neuter their pets, NOT breed offenders to be fined. 

Organizations such as Raining Rabbits NZ, Christchurch Rabbit Rescue, 9 Lives Orphanage, Westley's World, SPCA and many more work so hard to provide education and homes for rabbits in need being one of the most dumped animals, together lets end their suffering. 

402 have signed. Let’s get to 500!