Justice for Konjo the Crow (and other wildlife)

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 In Nova Scotia we have consistently seen the senseless killing of perfectly healthy wildlife by conservation officers from Departments of Lands and Forests

 The Department of Lands and Forests is an office of conservation, yet it seems these officers always take the easy way out by euthanizing animals instead of seeking an alternative. 

 In August 2020, a family in Pugwash had a crow that started hanging out with them this Summer. They named him Konjo. This crow's mistake was to love a human family. Unfortunately he was killed when someone called the Department of Lands and Forests to complain about him. A "conservation" officer went to this family's property unannounced and took the crow. When asked what he would be doing with it he said he was the Department of Lands and Forests, he could do as he wished. Then he walked away with the crow as a little girl ran after him, crying for her Konjo. He shot it shortly thereafter on the family's property, even though arrangements had already been made for Hope For Wildlife to take the crow in. The family was devastated by his actions. Hope at Hope For Wildlife said she didn't understand why the officer killed the crow and that the Department of Lands and Forests knows she is there to assist with wildlife. This incident was the LAST STRAW.

In June 2020 an innocent bear cub was seized from Hope For Wildlife by conservation officers and euthanized instead of being rehabilitated.  

 Another incident in Englishtown, Cape Breton, in December 2019 saw at least two foxes caught in leg-hold traps. These foxes suffered and anguished while they awaited their execution. Their crime??? Humans were feeding them. This was how the Department of Lands and Forests handled the conservation of innocent, healthy animals.  

  These stories were in the news and people are still outraged. It's obvious that this department does NOT have wildlife in it's best interest. This is inexcusable. There are alternatives that are much more humane and responsible and these alternatives must be utilized. Innocent animals should not suffer for human mistakes. 

 It is the responsibility of the Department of Lands and Forests to ensure wildlife is treated humanely, ethically and with respect. Wildlife should be given every opportunity to thrive and to live. Our government needs to change the way they do business. We expect better. We demand better.


  PLEASE be a voice for the animals. Please sign and share the heck out of this petition. Animals are going to continue to suffer until we do something about it. Together we will force this government department to change. 


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