Disallow Psychiatric Defenses to Murder Charges in Canada!

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Our Canadian criminal justice system is pitifully weak in punishing the most heinous acts committed in our society, and keeping the perpetrators behind bars.  Killers of innocents who use a psychiatric-based defense are being handed relatively light sentences, or declared not criminally responsible at all, not even for the most evidenced and public acts.

Here are some articles as examples on this issue:

1. Woman accused in 2015 fatal PATH stabbing found not criminally responsible

2.  Freedom granted to man who beheaded Greyhound bus passenger

3. Eaton Centre shooter was suffering from PTSD, defence lawyers say

It seems obvious to me that most killers of innocents are not in an ideal mental state at the time they committed the killings, or they would not have done it. 

Furthermore, we can choose our mental state (such as with 'positive thinking'), and therefore everyone should be held accountable for the mental state they choose.  Only if their mental state was deliberately altered by someone else to kill, such as by involuntary drugs or hypnotism, should that be any defense. Otherwise our mental state is our own choice and our own responsibility.

Killers of innocents don't need 'help' because of their mental state.  They need to be punished for choosing it, and the public needs to be protected from them because of it.  It shouldn't reduce someone's punishment for an act, or allow them to avoid punishment entirely, because they can show that they are insane; if anything it should increase the protections society needs from them.

If no excuses are accepted against speeding tickets or income tax penalties, then no excuses should be accepted for killing innocent people.

Please sign your agreement on this statement:

"We who sign this petition demand the Canadian Government to reform the Canadian criminal justice system to disallow defenses to murder charges which are based on the mental state of the defendant at the time of the act (unless they were drugged or hypnotized against their will).  We must all be responsible for the mental state we choose, and what drugs we choose to take, and for our actions in general.  Deliberate killers of innocent people must always be held criminally responsible in Canada!"