Justice for Political Prisoners held in Gabode, Djibouti

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This petition is written at the request of Mouvement Des Patriotes Djiboutiens:

This petition is aiming to raise awareness of the appalling conditions of the Gabode prison in Djibouti, as well as the state's arbitrary arrests and unjust treatment of political prisoners. As the Djiboutian Association for the Defense of Human and Citizen Rights has noted "this regime savagely represses and throws all activists, activists, dissidents and the voices of the voiceless in prison."

This petition calls for the immediate release of political prisoners, the protection of human rights, civil liberties, and freedom from physical and psychological torture, as well as the protection of due legal process and freedom from being held without due cause or without trial on suspicion. 

In addition to raising awareness about illegitimate use of power and arrest of political prisoners, we wish to raise awareness about the political prisoner Lieutenant Fouad Youssouf Ali, who we have recently learned has endured torture, is starved, and is in urgent need of assistance. 

We are calling for the release of Lieutenant Fouad, who was unjustly arrested for fleeing an injustice in the army, in April 2020, and who has so far been denied family visits. Only his lawyer saw him. He has so far not been tried. His state of health is critical and he has had no medical examination until today. We ask that it be taken care of by a doctor because everyone has the right to protection of their health. We also request that his family be able to visit him because anyone detained is entitled to receive visits.

Please help us end these injustices. Call on the Djibouti Minister of Justice, Minister of Defence, the Gabode prison, and the Canadian Embassy to Djibouti, to rectify this situation and bring justice to political prisoners being held in dire conditions during this global COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you,

Mouvement Des Patriotes Djiboutiens