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Maximum jail time for the men who committed these atrocities

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In the attention of all Croatian Authorities mentioned

Minister of Interior,

General Director of Croatia Police,

Zadar County Prefect,

Zadar Acting State Attorney,

Zadar Police

Zadar City Hall

Zadar Judge in charge with the case Media  

We, the signatories of this petition ask the Croatian authorities to apply the most severe punishment to the young man investigated about the most horrifying atrocities they committed lately in Zadar " Killing a pregnant mare, eviscerating her and jumping of the dead (unborn ) colt.

It is beyond outrageous and despicable the acts of savage barbarism these individuals committed and only the longest jail time punishment might bring justice for the crimes they allegedly committed in that town for a very long time.  

We have learnt about these criminals from the media and we expect that the Croatian authorities, national and local will make sure that they will never be able to hurt anybody anymore ( animals or humans )  

We have also learnt the following about the young man, and it is really disturbing... " torturing and distributing 6 stealing meat (they get more penalty for that up to 5 years, charges for distributing & stealing meat were dropped!!!) they should also be prosecuted for torturing their neighbours' cats in the small town where they live; Bruno K (22) and his relative Šime K. (25), they weren't!! The charges for 17 year old butcher who dismembered the mare were also dropped??!!!  

What is going on with the law enforcement over there ?

We all are aware of all the crimes they allegedly have committed from the article mentioned above. We hope that nobody is above the LAW.  

It is unacceptable that in a country in the civilized world, in the 21st century, such individuals are still allowed to walk free on the streets.

People must understand that they are a danger for the society as a whole.  

We will follow this case very closely and we reserve the right to complain to the UEin case these individuals do not get punished in the way they shoud : a very, very long jail time for all the crimes they committed

We do hope that nobody from any law enforcement agency in Croatia tries to protect these ciminals.  

We thank you very much for your attention      

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