Slash Private Schools fees by 50% until the School reopens normally with all Students

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Proposal: A minimum of 50% fee waiver at all Private Schools in India until the School reopens normally with all Students. Some of the main questions that comes to our mind before we start:

  1. Our children cannot go to schools at this Covid-19 situation (there was a separate petition filed to restrict students going to schools physically and well received by all) then why schools are asking a full School Fees from parents?
  2. School broadly falls under Service Industry in India. If students are not availing services, why schools are charging for the full School Fees from parents?
  3. Schools are conducting online classes due to which many parents had to buy Laptops, Tablets, etc. to facilitate the students at the same time it uses broadband connection regularly which adds an additional charges / burden on parents. What Schools are providing other than online education, why do parents have to accept the load of full School Fees to be paid to Private Schools?
  4. Many private Schools provide premium facilities and the reason they charge them premium fees. If those facilities are not used by students, why do parents pay the full School Fees at this period?

Covid-19 outbreak is a global public health crisis. Due to various factors across, it has made significant impact in India across all corners. 

We have observed how people lost jobs, faced salary cuts, loss of opportunities, cuts in interest rates, we bear the burden with our own capacity. However, it is pertinent to mention that our loving children were also not spared with the Covid-19 repercussion. The schooling system had a major impact and as a result the Children cannot go to their schools and continue their normal study life. Though some schools kindly started online education, but we all know it is not an effective way to carry on the education nevertheless something is better than nothing!

Indian Private School fees were diligently paid so far. However, at this Covid-19 situation, the demand continues without any major changes to the School Fee Structure in India. Most of the Private Schools continue to demand the same fee structure since the start of the new session from April 2020. Though a couple of schools slashed some part of the Transportation fees.

We do also understand and mindful that Private School needs to pay the staff salaries and other expenses, we do not want any staff to lose their jobs. However, to pay staff salaries and other minimum expenses, do the school need 100% School Fees. Why can’t they lower the fees by 50%? Is the school running cost with full student + staff presence vs School with zero students + minimum staff is the same? Some private schools have additional charges like: Transportation Fee, Meals, Library Fee, Sports / ECA Fee, Miscellaneous Fee, etc. – who is availing those facilities?

This is our humble request to consider private School Fee restructuring via a reasonable estimate. We propose a minimum of 50% fee waiver at all Private Schools in India until the School reopens normally with all Students.