Cancellation of All Final Year Exams

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As per the decision given by Mr Uday Samant, Hon. Minister of Higher and Technical Education, Government of Maharashtra on May 08, 2020, all University students will be promoted except for the final year students of all branches, which totals to a staggering number of around 8,00,000. This decision of conducting final year exams in such a distressing situation is unbelievable and outrageous.

The COVID-19 is taking a serious toll as the number of people infected and deaths are just increasing, day by day, in Mumbai, in Maharashtra and India. Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Thane in Maharashtra are in the red zone where there is no way possible for life to get back to normal any time sooner. Even if so, Hon. Minister has suggested conducting examinations of final year University students, as their "careers are dependent on the exam". But, by risking the students' lives, what does the Government and the University want to achieve? A secured career! Well, that was never achieved anyways, in the first place, but this is not the time to talk about it. Still, if the concerned authorities proceed as planned, then it will be almost certain that the lives of all the students attending examination will be in grave danger since many of them travel long distances and for hours, to reach to their examination centres and this is certainly not going to help in any way, whatsoever. Moreover, since all of the public transportation has come to a standstill, it is almost impossible for the students to commute to their colleges to attend these final year examinations. And if travelling happens in this situation, the chances of infected people will only rise for sure, posing a high risk to the lives of not only students but also professors, assistant staff, etc. Also, due to the change in syllabus, there are no books to study and no material to refer, for the upcoming exams, hence making the situation more and more stressful for the final year students. Eventually, it may even take a toll on the mental health of the students as well, along with the physical one being compromised by the authorities themselves. 

Therefore, I am starting this petition to the above mentioned responsible authorities, to cancel all the examinations of final year students. Also, other ways of grading the students must be carefully thought of, to avoid any mishaps, which could happen at an examination centre. 

We, the students, expect the authorities to act more maturely and handle this delicate situation more carefully, by considering all the aspects of a student's life.


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