Regulate Vaping and Cool It This Summer

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The petition of the undersigned shows that we call on the Minister of Health, Jagat Prakash Nadda, to review the legislation on the act of vaping. We also request the Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare to regulate the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) as a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco. To paraphrase, we request you to #CoolItThisSummer when it comes to the act of vaping and the usage of e-liquids as an alternative to smoking cigarettes.

With over 100 million smokers in India, the need to explore additional options to curb the act has been at an all-time high. The ever-increasing prices of cigarettes have not helped in deterring the consumption of tobacco, as more brands are being introduced yearly to match the high demand in the market.

A want to quit smoking is present but going cold turkey is proving hard for most. The introduction of ENDS is gaining importance and rapidly opening up the chance to actually quit smoking. A recent campaign conducted by had more than 500 people participate in #NoSmokeNovember – a one-month challenge to give up smoking. Over 100 individuals were selected and close to 93% found it to be an effective method to move away from consumption of tobacco.

Due to the lack of advertising of vaping in India, this method has not been able to be publicized giving way to big tobacco companies to attract more customers. This petition calls for a look into the vaping industry in India as a whole and regulate the authorized sale of devices and e-liquids across all states. Moreover, regulating the said industry will yield long-term benefits in the fight against reducing tobacco consumption.

Being the world’s largest democracy, we are entitled to make a choice in harm reduction. But that cannot be done unless the government cooperates. If a country that has become a tech and science leader can’t be persuaded to accept the scientific consensus on a product that can save millions of its citizens, we’re not working hard enough.

Which is why, Mr. Jagat Nadda, we request you to #CoolItThisSummer and look into reviewing the legislation on the act of vaping and help legalize the use of ENDS as a less harmful alternative to smoking tobacco.