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Disclose safety test records of Glyphosate

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It is our belief that the previous Ministry of Health either saw the actual safety test data of glyphosate but was reluctant to show it to public, or it never actually saw any direct safety test record, and yet approved the herbicide based on third party opinion, in which case it would be unfortunate, unscientific, unethical, unwise, unsafe and probably unlawful.
So this petition requests that :
a) the Ministry makes public the actual records and raw data of safety tests for glyphosate done on target animals reportedly back in 1980 but kept out of sight due to suspicious results showing damage to animals, thus allowing citizens to cross check its validity, or
b) if the Government has never directly studied first-hand this data and report of this safety test on Glyphosate, then it should cancel approval of glyphosate, and ask the maker to provide the data and report of this test which we believe had been conducted by Monsanto more than a generation ago, and then scrutinize it and at the same time make the file accessible to the public for independent verification.
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