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Dr. Vallianatos weighs in

Tony Mitra
Delta, Canada

Dec 13, 2015 — Dr. Evaggelos Vallianatos worked for 25 years in US-EPA. He wrote the book "Poison Spring", published in 2014, to describe how corruption in American Government and unwanted influence from the chemical industry as well as the Government politicians, has forced EPA to allow things its own scientists were opposed to.

His book emerged from personal experience with the EPA and information gleaned from thousands of government documents, some of them rescued from destruction, as he writes in the book.

I had already covered him and his book on an earlier blog and audio podcast (

The institution of US-EPA has been so corrupted by politicians and industry influence, that it may have crossed the point of no return. It may not be possible any more to clean it up. Perhaps it should be shut down completely, and something different created in its place. However, that is for the American people to deal with.

Meanwhile, here in Canada, the Government, when asked about safety of using Glyphosate in our agriculture, in prairies, in forests, in our lawns and our environment, continues to inform us that it works closely with US-EPA in ensuring safety of these products.

 How good is it - working closely with US-EPA?

So, for an update on my petition, I called Dr. Vallianatos again, requesting him to weigh in on this Canada based petition.

Working closely with US-EPA may not ensure that Canadians are safe from harm. Quite the contrary. It may be a guarantees that we in Canada are being poisoned due to negligence in our own regulators and for allowing foreign corporations to damage Canada's security and safety.

Perhaps, at the end of the day, Canadians should no longer accept Health Canada’s actions in approval of Glyphosate without proper safety check. We have not only the right to see the safety test documents, but we should also consider demanding a change of policy where independent national institutions are set up that cannot be influenced by either politicians or the industry, and then have the producers of these chemicals be made to pay for independent testing and verification of such chemicals.

If such a process causes undue delay, or loss of profit, or makes producing these questionable chemicals an unviable economic activity, then these processes, as far as Canada is concerned, should be shut down.

We, the Canadian people, our flora and fauna, our forests, our lands and our air, are perhaps being negligently or wilfully poisoned with serious disregard to safety and wellbeing of Canadians. This is perhaps tantamount to waging chemical warfare on the people, as Dr. Vallianatos and many others are now saying.

Are you listening, Canada ?

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