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The Day of the Jackals

Tony Mitra
Delta, Canada

Dec 10, 2015 — Hi folks. The petition has crossed 21,000, about 98.8% of these from Canadians. This is beginning to get noticed wider afield such as in USA and Europe.

This is also attracting attention of pro-Monsanto trolls.

And as usual, they veer from the basic subject and start trashing the messenger, in this case Anthony Samsel.

And what are the subjects they veer from?

The first one is - safety test raw data on Glyphosate’s toxicology test. I have reason to believe that the Canadian citizens do not have access to the file containing data and report on this test. I have reason to believe Americans or any other part of the global public do not have access to it either.

So, if these idiots have proof that the data has been placed in public domain, they should point to the link. And if they do not have this proof - they should just shut up.

Next - there is this issue of Anthony Samsel and his interview with me, where he disclosed part of his work towards his upcoming fifth scientific paper - on Glyphosate.

Here he claims :

1. Glyphosate is an amino acid, one that was never present in nature, till man introduced it.
2. It mimics a very important amino acid in our biology - Glycine.
3. And thus, it fools our immune system and substitutes itself in place of Glycine.
4. Glycine is one of 21 essential amino acids that are the building blocks of life.
5. Thus, like a Trojan Horse, it gets into our biology and causes havoc.

So, if these folks have proof that Glyphosate is not an amino acid, does not mimic Glycine and does not accumulate in our bone and tissue and organs, then they should present the proof - and not some other idiots opinion of it.

How does one test if Glyphosate is or is not bio-accumulating in an animal's body? 

This is how. Glyphosate is a synthetic organic chemical that has carbon in it. You dope a batch of Glyphosate with radio active Carbon-14. If these thugs don’t know what the heck I am talking about, they should go educate themselves about Carbon-14 and how it is used for all kinds of scientific tests.

Carbon-14 being radio active, it leaves its signature can be traced across an animals body, using instruments that track its emission. Thus, one can provide direct proof of its passage.

So, these tests should show that an animal, which did not have radio active carbon till it was fed with this doped glyphosate, begins to show its presence in the digestive track. From that point on, if test records show that the chemical does spread across the body, gets into blood, bone marrow, organs and brain - then that record is proof that Glyphosate bio-accumulates.

If however, test records show no presence of Carbon-14 anywhere other than the digestive track and eventually gets completely flushed out - then that would be proof that Glyphosate does not bio-accumulate.

If these jokers have the record of these actual Carbon-14 tests - then they should stop the BS and show the data. If they do not have it, they can, far as I am concerned - F*** off.

Thats what this update video is all about.


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