Ibrance: for Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients in Nova Scotia

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We are petitioning on behalf of Metastatic Breast Cancer patients in our province of Nova Scotia that have been denied coverage for prescriptions for the drug Ibrance made by Pfizer.  This drug is often the last treatment option at beating this deadly and unforgiving disease which is why making a drug like Ibrance available is so crucial to our fight against this disease.
Ibrance was approved by Health Canada in March 2016 and was recommended for public funding in November 2016. Saskatchewan, Quebec, New Brunswick and Manitoba have now commited to public funding for this drug. Alberta has committed to their patients with bridge funding while their province waits for Ibrance to be added to their drug formulary.
While Ibrance has shown to be very effective in treating Metastatic Breast Cancer with overwhelmingly positive results; the cost of this drug (about $8,000.00/month) is putting a tremendous strain on patients and their families at a time when they should be avoiding such stressors. The majority of people absolutely cannot afford it. We feel strongly that our province should provide publicly funded access to Ibrance for those that can't get private insurance coverage, access to clinical trials, or financial aid access to it.

We are asking you, Honourable Randy Deloreyour our Minister of Health and Wellness ,  to please work with us to get Ibrance funded so it is available to all who need it.  We need better outcomes for those living with metastatic breast cancer.  These patients do not have the luxury of time to wait without the access to new life saving treatments like Ibrance.
Thank you.