Bring Healthcare Coverage for IVF to BC

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47% of all Canadians have been touched by infertility through family, friends, co-workers etc.

In British Columbia 1 in 6 couples experience difficulties conceiving, and most are not in a financial position to even consider IVF.  Access to grants or bursaries are non-existent.

My husband and I are part of that 1 in 6 due to a ‘Balanced Translocation’ in my genetics that has led to constant abnormalities with our embryos/fetuses. We have remained hopeful for 4 years, struggling through 6 miscarriages in hopes of one day becoming parents. We are very tired, and have recently started to investigate privatized IVF as there is no coverage through MSP or through our extended health benefits.

Because of the lack of support from our government, IVF has become BIG business and BC couples like us are travelling to find access to affordable IVF solutions every day. The average cost is $20,000+ (including travel costs, medication & pre-genetic testing of embryos, which we and so many like us need to identify “healthy eggs” prior to implantation).

Why does it matter where you are born in Canada to receive medical coverage for this? The WHO recognizes infertility as a ‘medical condition’, yet across Canada only 4 provinces (Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec) offer any kind of help from the government. We hope to change this.  

I like many others in BC want public access to medical coverage to be offered for all of us, and ask our Minister of Health: Adrien Dix, Premier John Horgan and our Provincial Health Officer : Bonnie Henry to take on helping couples like us.  

Not everyone wants to be a parent, but those who do should have access and options available. Please help me and countless other families in BC by signing this petition.

Jennifer Kuiken
Abbotsford, BC

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For more information visit IVF Coverage for BC

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