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To Step In and Rescue Fur Farm Animals In Quebec

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We the people are requesting that not only the Government of Quebec but also the Minister of Forests, Wildlife & Parks Laurent Lessard step in immediately to help rescue the fur farm animals that are being held at Monteregie Farm in Quebec.

    The St. Jude Fur Farm was in the spotlight earlier this month after the SPCA accused of mistreating foxes and minks - such cruelty has been present throughout many furfarms and it is time that these industries get shut down immediately in the fight to end this cruelty and torture to God's creatures.

    We need the Government of Quebec to step in and use their power to put the welfare and well-being of these babies before the profit -- we must see animals as life and not profit-making objects/possessions - it is a crime against nature to treat life in this manner.

     It is their and the Minister of Wildlife's responsibility to protect wildlife - holding the power within their hands to seize and rescue these lives instead of permitting this cruelty and abuse to continue. 

     We must raise our paws and demand that they do what they are meant to do and protect these lives - and demand that something be done considering that there is much assistance there that is being offered in both expertise and financial resources...

They need to fulfill that responsibility.

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