Postpone and revise changes to PSLE scoring for MTL-exempt students

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The changes to PSLE for MTL-exempt students are overtly unfair on multiple levels.
In July 2019, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore announced changes to PSLE scoring system to be implemented in 2021. This includes a reworking of the scoring for students exempt from Mother Tongue Language (MTL) and/or taking an Asian or Foreign Language in lieu of MTL.
Previously, their MTL score was calculated by assessing the performance of other students with similar scores for other subjects. But from 2021 onwards they will be allocated the lowest 3 Foundation level grades: Achievement Level (AL) 6 to 8.
This places them among the lowest scoring students in the subject, and will affect the rest of their grades for PSLE by as much as 5 to 7 points, with all the consequences that implies for their future education in Secondary School and beyond. This is a severe handicap considering that one needs to have less than 20 to qualify for the Express/G3 stream.
Although MOE has approved all such exemptions, they are now intending to penalise these students, and we believe this is very unfair.
With no previous indication, students from Primary 1 to Primary 4 and their parents have been caught by surprise. If Primary 2, 3 and 4 students who have received exemption and/or taking Asian or Foreign Language decide to revert back to MTL they will have missed out on several years of the curriculum and will be seriously disadvantaged. So, for most of them it will be too late.
We are strongly urging MOE to reconsider this policy.
Firstly, such significant changes should be introduced properly, not dropped on students in the midst of their curriculum. If such a policy is to be introduced it should commence from 2023 at the earliest, so students and parents seeking exemption now have time to consider their options.
Secondly, we would like to see the policy itself be re-examined to reflect on its serious consequences. We believe there are more accurate ways to create a grade for exempt students MTL without disadvantaging them before they’ve taken a single exam.
Please sign this petition if you agree that the policy implementation is unfair and should be postponed and reconsidered.