Allow children with disabilities access to mainstream schools.

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"I'm Mivuyo and 8 years old, with a condition called arthrogryposis, with little to no function of my legs and arms. I'm very clever and can drive an electric wheelchair, paint and draw with my mouth, and I competed in the school sports day (even though I had a slight disadvantage...). Thanks to the support of the Sabrina Love Foundation and my local school, Plett Primary, in South Africa, I’ve been welcomed into the grade 2 class, but so many other kids I know with disabilities haven’t been given the same chance! Your signature can help motivate the Minister of Education to get disabled children into mainstream schools."

Children like Mivuyo are one of the success stories of how a disabled child has helped to create a new normal microcosm of how society should be, could be, where his class peers are empathetic, creative, tolerant and inclusive. A healthy Society culture depends on the relationships that children form with their school mates growing up. Children with disabilities teach these vital life skills to able bodied children - FACT!

Vote now to inspire a ‘new normal’, and lets put pressure on the Minister of Education to insist that Headmasters and Headmistresses across the country admit children with disabilities into their classrooms. There are over 600 000 disabled children that are wasting away at home, and with parents that are very poor, living a life of being kept literally in the dark with no chance of ever becoming meaningful members of society.

In July 2001, the Minister for Social development wrote the legal paper of inclusion for special needs children to be included into schools across the country. In her own words the Minister said “let us ensure that the place of these children is not one of isolation in dark backrooms and sheds. It is with their peers, in schools, on the playgrounds, on the streets and in places of worship where they can become part of the local community and cultural life, and part of the reconstruction and development of our country. For, it is only when these ones among us are a natural and ordinary part of us that we can truly lay claim to the status of cherishing all our children equally.”

Eighteen years later this is still not happening. The Minister needs a reminder and a call to action from a petition signed by thousands of concerned heart felt citizens.


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