Facing the threat of total destruction of the Geopark and Altiplanos of Granada.

Facing the threat of total destruction of the Geopark and Altiplanos of Granada.

4 de julio de 2020
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Por qué es importante esta petición

One of the most protected and unspoilt areas of the province of Granada, is facing the threat of total destruction.

We need your help to preserve this unique region, which includes Guadix, Baza and Huescar. These rural areas form part of The Altiplano de Granada. An area of outstanding natural beauty and significant geological importance.

The construction of a High Voltage Line 400KV, Caparacena to Baza has started. There will be a substation in Baza, the construction of more than 3,000 wind turbines and thousands of hectares of solar panels.

What does this mean?

The destruction of a unique geological territory

Potentially a deadly trap for large birds of prey such as the Bald Eagle, Bonelli Eagle and the Griffon Vullture. These birds nest in and fly out of the Natural Park Cazorla.

The knock on effects will be the loss of flora and fauna like the;

 Ganga Ortega

 Calandrella Rufescens


Not forgetting the Wetlands known as ‘Humedal del Baíco’ which is in danger and is included in the IBA ES 213 Hoya de Baza.

It should also be noted that UNESCO is about to include this territory in the worldwide list of Geoparks.

The construction has begun illegally, without the required Environmental Evaluation Study. The local populations are being misled, the energy company falsely promising 15,000 jobs for local people. The wind turbine parks and solar fields provide NO employment. There will be ZERO BENEFIT TO THE REGION.

We value renewable energy sources, those that have limited environmental impact and benefit local people. But the expropriation of land for the construction of these destructive and monstrous energy fields is of no benefit locally and leaves land owners all the poorer.

These fields will be impossible to sell on in the future and will scar the landscape forever.

We cannot be passive and watch this happen, we are presenting our case to the Minister of Ecological Transition, The Environmental Council of the Junta de Andalucía and Provincial Diputación of Granada, the Ombudsman and Townhalls in the area.

We seek to paralyze the construction and are working with all relevant agencies to demand that RED ELLECTRICA ESPANOLA (REE) present the building licenses and the Environmental Evaluation Study and to NOT destroy one of Spain’s greatest natural treasures.

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Firmas: 16.466Próximo objetivo: 25.000
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