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 In Dublin's Beautiful Phoenix Park, gentle families of Fallow Deer exist and have been allowed to roam there since the 16th century. However a very a sinister side exists when snipers from the National Parks and Wildlife Service corral the deer with vans and shoot at them as they herd them together in groups. A shot rings out and they drop to the ground, many still struggling for life  and watched by their families....they get shot again to finish them off.

The Deer families who roam the park will be shot because the numbers increase by 25% annually. No efforts for a humane solution has been sought. If numbers are too high, contraception for female deer can be used.We ask that this be used rather than slaughtering  them.   Sadly it appears that Farming deer in the Phoenix park is yet another way for the Irish Government to make money.


A humane alternative of contraception works on deer but is not used by the OPW as the killing alternative is more lucrative for their coffers.Usually  'a 68-year-old sniper from Bray, Co Wicklow said that a “detailed protocol” was followed..he was paid to do the killing.Shooters are devoid of any empathy for innocent undefended animals.

In 2018 The carcasses of the culled deer were sold for an average of €96 each to a Wicklow-based meat supplier, which specialises in processing game and stocks butchers and supermarkets in 10 counties'.No animal is safe if money is to be made.

Shooting deer in clear view of other deer is barbaric, all animals experience fear at seeing their family and friends killed -as humans would .Shooting from vans , herding the deer together and some escaping with fear and running to escape. they are gathered again with NPWS vehicles with the assistance of a helicopter overhead.

A humane alternative must be found as deer in Kerry are being butchered also due to numbers increase and of course due to the value raised by their butchered flesh.No animal is safe from human greed, an alternative exists here. With the growing opposition to violence towards animals this Government policy of profit before respect must end.

AFAR are launching a campaign to stop this sad and unnecessary murder of innocents.Get on board and sign and share this petition.