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Dear sir,
I am, a student of class 10 from Indian School Muscat, Oman. Today after I finished my Maths Exam, my happiness after answering a hard paper was converted into hopelessness when I saw the news that CBSE ordered for a retest. I am petitioning against this retest on behalf of myself and many of my batch mates who share the same feelings. This is because

1. Setting of exam papers and ensuring the security of such papers is the duty and job of the Board and not students. In case this job is not done well, the penalties should be extracted from the Board and not the students. Any action which penalizes students or causes grief to students will be a travesty of natural justice.

2. As you would know, it is for the first time in nearly a decade (after 2010) that students of class X have been asked to write a full portion exam. Studying 15 chapters and preparing for a math exam is no easy task for any student irrespective of their mathematical aptitude. A re-exam will involve monumental effort on the part of students and is unfair to students who have been preparing for the exam for a long time now. Any re-exam is also an improper reward for the efforts of teachers who worked hard to prepare the students for the exams and not to mention the parents who support the children emotionally during this tough time. Efforts should be rewarded and not made inefficient due to faults not attributable to the students.

3. As it is, exams are an emotional rollercoaster for children. Student suicide rates in India are amongst the highest in the World. Exams are often a common cause. A Re-exam will be an emotional burden on students and will be a heartless response of our premier education system, that the country prides in. Please have a heart and show that you have it by cancelling the re-exam proposal.

4. The CBSE will be using its institutional might against the puny students of Class X if they order a re-exam, only because they have the power to make rules, even when the fault is theirs and not the students who they oversee through the accredited schools. This will be unfair and set a bad precedent of use of power against the disadvantaged minors.

5. The cause of the paper leakage could be only a hand full of people whereas the affected students will be in the thousands. Do you think it is justified to punish the thousands of students for the fault committed by a handful?

6. Students have planned based on an exam timetable for alternate activities at the end of the exam. While a rescheduling due to unavoidable circumstances is understandable, how is it fair for students to incur costs and change their plan just because the CBSE paper was leaked due to the fault of officials who failed their duties.

Sir I dutifully request you to cancel the proposal for a re-exam and allow the marks to be provided on the paper as given, even while you investigate the causes of the leak to punish the appropriate responsible persons and put in place suitable mechanisms to prevent a recurrence of this situation.


An aggrieved student who expects the system to work for them