Stop suffering of unwanted dogs & cats in Ireland.

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Dog and cat welfare is poorly regulated and results in poor animals suffering terribly and being abused.  You can help save these from hardship, neglect and suffering.

Dog licences are too dear and not many people can afford them.  If a pet owner brings their animal to a Vet to be neutered or spayed then they should get a free licence for 5 years.

This prevents 1,000's of unwanted pets whose owners cannot cope and the unwanted pets end up wandering the streets, getting injured or killed and and many catch terrible diseases that end up killing them.  many more animals end up in squalid conditions, starve or are abused.

By offering free licences for neutering or spaying these animals get registered and a more economical pet licence fee I am convinced more money can be generated and pounds and dog shelters will cope better.

Putting pets down because no one wants them is inhumane. Will you help and sign please :)

I started this petition because…
I have rescued some of our own pets who are all spayed neutered and have their Licences. Pursaí the cat was found on the road with a bloodied nose and missing a few toes, he is fully recovered and intent on conquering the humans living in the house as well as the dogs.

I believe the Minister can make a big difference to quality of life and comfort of animal pets.
Jim Larkin Galway