Restore Our Beautiful Riverside Bank

Restore Our Beautiful Riverside Bank

2 March 2021
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Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan
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Why this petition matters

Started by mike daly

Dear Mr. Ryan,

I am writing to you on behalf of myself and 1,000s of people that live within St. Mary's Parish.

In St. Mary's Parish we have quite a number of housing estates,  St Mary's Park, Assumpta Park, Lee Estate, to name a few.

These estates are surrounded by the river Shannon, St. Mary's Parish being on an island, down a bit from King John's Castle a beautiful walking nature trail along the bank of the river Shannon starts in St Mary's Park and goes around all 3 estates and ends near Corbally.

St. Mary's Park estate is there since 1935, and for generations up until 2014, 79 years the bank has been a lifeline for young and old, we couldn't possibly describe all the memories both adult and children alike have of this area, having been used for swimming, picnics, children spending entire summers over there, walks for the elderly and young alike, fishing, boating, bicycling, this place is in my opinion is truly a rare piece of heaven situated for all between 3 housing estates.

You truly will not find such a unique place in any other housing estates in Limerick or beyond.

However,  In February 2014,  a flood came, a flood that we never seen the likes of since the houses were built in 1935,  everyone woke up one morning with many waking up to find the downstairs of their houses were under water some 4 to 5ft deep, all 3 housing estates were affected, amongst other areas.

Despite this traumatic event, people weren't long getting their houses and estates back to normal.

The government put in a temporary measure incase of further flooding, however that was 7 years ago, 7 years, and it seems the place has been forgotten.

This beautiful bank by the river Shannon has been destroyed and is now just a mucky riverside area,  see photos attached.....

We are of the understanding that before restoration of the river bank and surrounding area, that flood defenses need to be installed.

This seems to have been put on hold for whatever reasons.

So we ask you Minister, to look into this and expedite what needs to be done so we can have our area and the river bank restored to its natural beauty for all to continue to enjoy for another 79 years of generations of people.

Please see attached document of petition signatures and photos of the area prior to flood and post flood to date.

We look forward to your reply.

On behalf of the residents of St. Mary's Parish thank you.

Mike Daly

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Signatures: 177Next Goal: 200
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