Stop the destruction of majestic trees near Walpole

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New sections of the South West Coast Highway between Walpole and Manjimup are due to be widened.

There are some majestic trees close to the road, most of them several hundred years old.

They are due to be felled.

These big trees in the Walpole wilderness are part of the main tourist attraction and should be preserved.

The section between the Weld river and the Shannon National Park (Middleton Road) is where the trees need to be saved.

Main Roads have already cut down a prime Karri Tree (17.1.17) and they are ready to fall the rest. (See Last Page).

We need to project a clean green image to the world.

Cutting down these trees is certainly sending a very wrong picture of a state not having their priorities right.

Safety is a concern, but this is one of the most picturesque roads in Australia and it is not a race to get to Walpole faster.

Safety issues can certainly be managed with signage,

"big trees ahead proceed with caution"

this would also most certainly be an added tourist attraction.

We are asking the minister to advise the Main Roads department to preserve these ancient trees with special provisions, to address the safety issues with no, or very minimal tree clearing.