Pass automatic inquests for maternal deaths in Ireland

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Clare Daly has debated the introduction of automatic inquests in the case of maternal death in Ireland 'The Coroners bill' had all-party support on Friday 11th Dec 2015. However it now has to pass through the committee stage. We need to convince the incoming minister for justice and Equality to pass it quickly through this stage and into law.  There are a number of reasons to get this through without wasting time: 1. It matters very deeply to the families who have already lost a loved one. Some had to fight for 4 years to have an inquest; and they are still fighting this campaign to have the law changed. 2. It will help other families who in the future may find themselves in this dreadful situation; they would not have this added suffering at a time of intense grief. 3. It will save women's lives because if reasons are found for a death then changes can be made to prevent the same mistake being made again. We need everyone to sign this petition to the Minister for Justice demanding a guarantee that this legislation will get over the line as quickly as possible to help give all of us greater accountability from our maternity services