Judge Martin Nolan resignation

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Yet again so called 'judge' Martin Nolan let's another pedophile off with a complete suspended sentence. 

Martin Guerin was found with 901 images and 146 videos with children as young as 2 years old sexually assaulted/abused Nolan said Martin Guerin being publicly shamed is enough of a punishment for this crime.

This 'Judge' is not fit for his job with sentences like this. He also previously handed a full suspended sentence to a civil servant found with 60000 images and videos of child pornography. He said civil servant Brendan Phelan had been punished enough with the shame he brought on his family.

Again 'judge' Martin Nolan gave music teacher Peter Jennings a fully suspended sentence after he was charged with having 1300 'unique' poronographic image files and 11 'unique' video files of children being sexually abused/assaulted/ but 'Judge' Martin Nolan said that while it was a serious offence there was no evidence that Brendan Phelan was going to distribute the material. Is owning it not enough?

Time and time again 'Judge' Martin Nolan allows pedophiles and rapists and murders free to walk our streets while handed down a 6yr sentence over importing garlic!

Nolan also let my partners killer walk free after we all had to watch him be killed by the accused on cctv 3 times in court. There was no doubt he killed him but nolan took the decision off the jury and made our lives even more unbearable! 

Justice Minister Charles Flanagan needs to call for 'Judge' Nolans resignation Now!