Abolish the statute of limitations on child abuse . Trust broken means the law is broke

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There should be no statute of limitations on child abuse .    I'm a survivor of child abuse myself . I went through almost 16 years of psychical child abuse. I endured systematic intentional abuse at the hands of my own mother on a daily basis. My abuse ranged from neglect to starvation and the psychical beatings . I was once forced to eat my own excrement and drink my own urine . I was locked under the stairs and in the shed for hours without contact or food or water. I was forced to bend over and look at my toes for hours without standing upright. I was pushed down the stairs by her too . Daily beatings since day one . I'm one years of age and my doctor notes multiple bruises and most of my child hood doctors reports state NAI. I was thrown off walls and  . I was also often beaten, verbally abused, and left hungry and thirsty. I was also forced into painfull positions for hours without moving. One day she lost her voice for some reason or other my siblings thought that this was funny and they laughed. I laughed too but as soon as i did she came running over put me lieing on my back and removed my shoes and socks and proceeded to beat my feet with a metal perforated spoon until bloody while pinning me down by kneeling on top of me. I suffer today with flashbacks  ,nightmares  depression etc as a direct result.   My basic human rights were taken away from me . I could have been killed in my own home. Today I suffer with alcoholism and PTSD as a direct result of the abuse inflicted on me .So why should the abuser get away with this ....ABUSE IS ABUSE. The first three years of a child's life are so critical to development, my first three years were misery .Once the trust is broken the law is broken. We should be allowed to get justice for the abuse suffered and why should victims of abuse stay victims with ailments brought on by their abuser therefor infecting the whole life of the victim. The pain never goes away ever . It's too late for me but mabey this will help future victims. The abuse has stopped but it scars your heart  and your mental health for life. I for one still suffer everyday but by signing we can help a future child achieve justice. Lets teach future generations that abuse will not be tolerated whatsoever no matter how much time passes. 

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