Reduce fees for Long Term Stay visa for parents - Australia

Reduce fees for Long Term Stay visa for parents - Australia

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As per recent news, Australia is going to produce a new long term stay visa for parents which will cost $20,000 for 10 years. This is only for permission to stay in Australia with no added benefits. Parents can't access government medical benefits, no pension and no work rights.

Basically, they are NOT going to cost government anything. If at all, they will contribute to economy with added expenses of groceries, cars, bigger houses to live in and spending money as tourists within Australia. On top of that, by having grandparents take care of children, government will save $15,000 in childcare rebate for at least couple of years. 

This takes the true benefit of government to $70,000 ($40,000 in fees for 2 parents plus $30,000 in childcare rebate benefit for 2 years - maybe more). This is just a tip of an iceberg. Haven't gone into medical insurance plus benefit to Australia's GDP.

Government cannot justify putting such a high cost for getting parents into the country. People will soon stop voting for Liberals if they continue this sort of profiteering. Government is trying to use this as an opportunity to balance their balance sheets.

“There's great expense to the taxpayer in relation to health costs over time with elderly parents,” Assistant Immigration Minister Alex Hawke told SBS News. Can minister please explain why are they a cost to taxpayer, if they are going to pay for their own medical costs via insurance and their own pocket.

  • You can either charge high visa fees with government benefits, or
  • low visa fees with no government benefits.

Any other option is just profiteering from vulnerable migrant community who has no family in this great country.

We support :
-A 3-5 year continuous stay visa for parents
-A fee for processing only.
-A refundable bond maximum $5000
-compulsory health insurance from Australia paid by sponsor
-the right to re-apply indefinitely
-No cap on numbers and
-Max out of country stay 1 month before reapplying

This is fair and good for Australia. For the reasons we have given ad-nauseum for the last three years.

A long stay visa is NOT a contributory visa. Contributory visas are unjust and un-Australian.