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Petitioning Minister for Human Services Senator Jan McLucas

Minister for Human Services: Implement a Royal Commission into the Child Support Agency

There has been a huge productivity decrease in Australia as well as a huge loss of life as a result of the actions of the Child Support Agency (CSA), plus many CSA officers display ignorance of Australian society, how it operates and how to deal with everyday Australians. They also - at times - conduct themselves with a high degree of incompetence, dishonesty or both. They have demonstrated a propensity for aiding and abetting fraud and extortion.

Letter to
Minister for Human Services Senator Jan McLucas
Implement a Royal Commission into the Child Support Agency

Dear Minister,

For some years now, the staff of the Child Support Agency (CSA) have conducted themselves with bias against the non-custodial (i.e. the paying) parent to the detriment of the children of the marriage concerned, the adults concerned and the nation's productivity overall.

The activities of the CSA staff can - for the most part - be characterised as based on incompetence, dishonesty or both. There are some rare exceptions, but in an organisation of the size of CSA, those exceptions are few and far between. The result is that many, many more Australian men and women suffer than benefit from the organisation's activities.

The mainstream media is even beginning to pick up on this where before it was a taboo topic for them.

Apart from the loss of productivity as people move to reduce their child support obligations in the face of speculated earnings, fabricated debts etc, there have also (tragically) been many suicides and murder/suicides directly attributable to the Family Law system in this country in general and the Child Support Agency in particular.

I request that you initiate an independent enquiry (with the powers of a Royal Commission) into the management and activities of staff employed in the Child Support Agency to establish if the legislation has been applied fairly and equitably. Moreover, I request that punitive action be taken against any and all members of the Child Support Agency found to be in breach of Australian laws and guilty of misconduct in the performance of their duties.

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