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stop raccoon dogs being skinned alive for Australian clothing

This week, 6.30pm with George Negus showed horrific footage of raccoon dogs being skinned alive on Chinese fur farms -- and to make Australian clothes!

Investigations by Humane Society International (HSI) have found that the ban on importing dog and cat fur is failing to be enforced, with independent tests showing Australian retail outlets are selling products containing raccoon dog fur and widespread mislabelling.

The skinning of a live, conscious animal, for any reason, is unacceptably brutal, cruel, and inhumane. Help end Australia's involvement.

Sign the petition calling on Home Affairs Minister, Brendan O’Conner to:

1. Ensure all fur products are labelled with species and origin of animal
2. Undertake testing of existing fur in Australian stores
3. Immediately ban importation of raccoon dog fur

Watch the footage here (warning - contains extremely graphic footage):

Warning, it contains extremely disturbing images. 


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  • Minister for Home Affairs
    Brendan O'Conner

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