Long Term Illness Cover For Avas Medical CBD And THC. Please Simon Harris its Avas Future.

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Ava Barry Is an eight years old diagnosed with Dravets Syndrome an extreamly rare drug resistant epilepsy she used to have hundreds of seizures daily and frequently spends long periods in hospital. All of the many drugs had been tried and failed. After a six month exile to Holland from June-Dec 2017 She returned eventually with an individual licence for medical cbd and thc She is now bright and wonderful attending school with seizures controlled Ava's chance for a brighter future has been finally grasped. However now safe and well in Ireland the Irish Government hse and dept of health are presently not covering her medication under the long term illness scheme. All of avas previous pharma medication was covered under the long term illness scheme without question. All we request is equal treatment for Ava on her medical cbd and thc a medication that is working to control her seizures and ease her pain to reimburse the medication that works please sign and share if you can thank you so much Vera Twomey xxx