Save St Joseph's Dementia Care Home Shankill


Save St Joseph's Dementia Care Home Shankill

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St. Joseph's Dementia Care Home In Shankill is the most important and largest dementia care home in the country. It has revolutionised care for those with dementia and is a shining light for sufferers and their families.


The staff are incredible. The care they provide is incredible, and invaluable to their many patients, and to the friends and families of those patients.


St. Joseph’s is at risk of having to close its doors in a few short weeks. They should never have been put in this position, and the solutions are very straight forward.


St. Joseph’s is getting about three-quarters of the funding it needs from the State. They have tried, over a long period of time, to remedy that, but to no avail. St. John of God’s have been covering the annual shortfall of around €1.4m for several years, but their own funds are now exhausted.


We are calling on the government to do two things:

1. Provide IMMEDIATE interim funding for six months, to secure the services to the end of June 2020.


2. Engage in intensive negotiations with St. Joseph’s to ensure long term, sustainable funding is agreed.


This wonderful facility CANNOT be allowed to close – it would be a betrayal of some of the most vulnerable women and men in our community.


Please lend you support and sign the petition, which will be presented directly to government. If would like to donate to Saint Joseph’s here is the link: 

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This petition made change with 9,989 supporters!

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