Prohibit the re-sale of baby formula by individuals

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It has become increasingly difficult for parents to buy baby formula for their children due to the market for the sale of formula to people overseas.  Formula is being sold over the internet on sites such as eBay (as well as being exported via various other methods) for exhorbitant amounts and has become hugely profitable for the sellers. The major supermarkets have put limits on the number of tins per customer, but unfortunately this does not combat the issue as the sellers merely recruit multiple buyers to go in and clear the shelves on their behalf.  This problem has been causing frustration and often desperation for Australian parents legitimately trying to feed their babies for at least FIVE YEARS. A law that prohibits the sale of baby formula without a license would render this practise criminal and provide a solution to this seemingly endless debacle. Please sign my petition to put this issue in front of the Health Minister, Greg Hunt. Enough is enough.