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My story is a lot like many other women's who have used the mirena contraceptive many and sometimes major health complcations during and after the use of mirena. I was healthy and after having mirena I slowly started to get sicker there following are the issues I have experiences in 4.5years that I have had mirena that's doctors refuse to acknowledge are linked but I believe are this is why Australia needs to protect its women by thoroughly investigating this matter by issues over past 4.5years as follows : -body aches for me mainly ribs,stomach,hips -anxiety attacks/panic attacks -weight gain -mood swings -bloating/cramping -ringing in ear -tingling limbs -heart papiltations -shortness of breath -Polocystic ovarian syndrome -uterus infection -imbedding of mirena into uterus wall -seizures (later diagonised epilepsy)   these are so far all the side effects I have experienced since having the mirena I don't think its a coincidence and I believe women should be given all the facts not just told how fantastic this contraceptive is there are women that have reported many more worse side effects including dieing from blood clots that are linked to the mirena yet doctors fail to mention that this contraceptive has the potential to kill you or limit your life. I want everyone to know the risks so they can make an educated choice my doctor did not inform me of any risks just said how fantastic this was and now i'm living with the choice of using this contraceptive and still awaiting a specialist in order to remove this poison from my body please I ask of any one in power investigate this please do not risk any more women's life's. I cannot change what has happened to me but I hope that I can at least try and prevent any other women from suffering. My journey is still continuing and will update if any other health issues are found as a result of further tests. Just note I did go back and forth to doctors in the past 4.5years and had random blood,urine and internals done and was made to feel crazy until the last week before diagnoses when my body finally started to give up the fight and I had a major seizure, if you are on mirena and feel abnormal please don't ignore and get the mirena out asap.