Stop educational discrimination against children with ADHD

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Thousands of children with ADHD experience discrimination and alienation in schools across Australia each day. Behind this discrimination is a lack of awareness and wilful economic ignorance about the nature of ADHD. This ignorance exists within all levels of the education system.  We call on the Education Minister to ensure:

  • Schools in Australia are up to date with the current research and developments relating to ADHD.
  • Principals and teachers are trained to recognise ADHD is a neurobiological condition.
  • Students with ADHD are provided access to funding and support.
  • Schools formulate and implement positive strategies for students with ADHD, both in the classroom and playground.
  • Principals and teachers who discriminate against children with ADHD are legally held accountable for their actions.

Stop discriminating against our children and instead provide support. Children with ADHD require adjustments to their learning environment. Many also require health and allied services including Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Behavioural and Psychological services. These services are not freely available across Australia and are financially out of reach for many parents and carers. Provide access for those affected by ADHD to these services and allow them the opportunity to participate equitably in the community.