Harsher laws for animal abusers

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First of all look at clumbsys face imagine the terror and the pain she felt alot of people have pets they see as family clumbsy was one of them �I'm starting this petition because our family cat was killed by being put inside a childs plastic toy kitchen which was then set alight. The boys that are responsible for this cruel sadistic act are still walking around without consequence. One of the boys has a dog which he uses for lamping and terrorising neighbours cats and small dogs. He shouldn't even have a dog if he can deliberately kill another animal. I can't begin to imagine the abuse that this dog is going through in private. In the meantime my 8 year old daughter has to go through the torture of looking at these boys every day and being taunted by them. Something needs to be done about these boys sooner rather than later as it's only a matter of time before they kill another animal or even end up hurting a child. Harsher laws need to be put in place and both the children and parents need to be held accountable.