Ban Live Export

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Tomorrow 35,000 sheep will be exported from Fremantle to the Middle East in the norther hemisphere summer (temperatures reach 50 degrees Celsius). These sheep can be onboard these long haul voyages for up to 5 weeks. Over the journey, faeces, urine, spilt feed pellets and water build up to form a layer of manure. The heat and humidity means this can turn into dense, sticky mud, causing the sheep to become bogged. This often causes them to slowly suffer and die from starvation or dehydration. Where they are simply thrown overboard.

These sheep, along with other livestock in demand from Australia are also subject to painful handling techniques such a kicking, hitting, eye gouging, tail breaking and tendon slashing. ABC’s Four Corners found that it took an average of 11 cuts to the throat and a maximum of 33 to slaughter fully conscious animals across 10 slaughter locations in Indonesia.


A live export ban to the Northern hemisphere exists where animals cannot be exported to these countries between June and September. After a shipment delay in WA due to the COVID-19 outbreak this has warranted an exemption to the live export ban during this time period in the Federal Court. The reason this legislation was introduced was to ensure commercial interests were no longer put before animal welfare, yet this consignment is more significant for our long-term trade partners in Kuwait.


This is one issue in a million when it comes to animal rights. The export is happening tomorrow, I understand that this leaves an almost impossible window of time for change. However the power of numbers is what creates change and if this is simply another voice standing up for what is right, it will at the very least share knowledge when it comes to the next election.


This images may be confronting. They encourage you to look away, but if youre looking away, no change comes about, those without a voice suffer and we continue to live in ignorance.