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The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) plans to take over the Panagal Park, T.Nagar, in order to build a subway station as part of its Phase-2 project!

Panagal Park is an 8-acre park which thousands of residents use daily for walking, jogging, exercise, yoga, sports, cultural events, relaxation, etc. Set up in 1923 and  named after the Raja of Panagal, it is one of the oldest parks in Chennai and an important landmark of the city. With over 280 trees including indigenous ones like Magizham, Putranjiva, Ilavu, Nagalingam, Naaval and Vilvam, it also hosts the rare Brazilian Ironwood Tree and the Baobab. The implementation of the Metrorail project in this site will result in the felling of these trees, many of which are over hundred years old.


Chennai has been a witness to infrastructure projects devouring its public parks, earlier too. The phase-1 of Metro project saw to the complete demolition of Nehru park, Thiru vi ka park and Chetpet Eco-park, three beautiful parks used by the public and home to age old trees. This was in spite of opposition from residents, park users, concerned bodies and a court order.

Grown trees sequester significant amounts of atmospheric CO2, control pollution and moderate local temperature. They also provide clean air for us to breathe. Time spent in verdant places is also proven to be essential for the psychological wellbeing of residents.  As residents and beneficiaries of Panagal park, we wish for the space to be protected. As one of few remaining green spaces in this congested commercial locality, many of us have been visiting it for decades. We strongly feel the necessity to stand up for this vital green lung space and the peace and ambience it provides.

The CMRL may consider alternate land areas where it can continue its work.

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Friends of Panagal Park