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Dear Miniclip, Stop Neglecting!

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Dear Miniclip and Robert Small, 

This petition requests Miniclip SA and the CEO Robert Small to stop neglecting game. was released on 24 July 2015 by Miniclip and has rarely been updated or fixed. It was the most popular web browser game in the world. The game still has potential but it's in a critical state and clones are starting to surpass it. The replay value of is rapidly declining because of no true upgrades (fixes, features & game modes) to the game. We've actually only had downgrades and more problems added. We understand that Miniclip is a business but it's also a gaming company. Miniclip should not focus solely on profits because it will kill, like it currently is. Ignoring your customers and neglecting the game is a suicidal business practice.

As a result of Miniclip's carelessness, has declined in player base and attracted a degenerate part of gamers are who destroying the gaming experience for others, for example: teamers in FFA. Teamers mainly team to reach level 100 and after that they'll quit too. It's a no-win situation. Due to the minor and greedy changes that Miniclip makes, we assume the management is not passionate or learned about Therefore, we suggest Miniclip to prioritize the community's voice on how the game is changed. Changes should be based on the original core identity of the game. You can achieve this by actually communicating with your users instead of replying like a robot or ignoring us.

Here is some of what we, the community, would like:

  • Fix current problems: teaming in FFA (it's too easy for a solo player to be affected by anti-teaming due to being repeatedly virused, or because of self-feeding), random disconnects. server switching loop, Firefox web browser issues, login issues, font issues, unnecessarily enlarged leaderboard and font size, improve the zoom on both versions (web & mobile), lags, cell border and food color should match the colors of the skin and more.
  • Rename "FFA" game mode to "Solo". The vast majority of players associate FFA with playing solo since the release of the game. "FFA" is open to many interpretations and thus a degenerate part of the community will exploit this by teaming. "Solo" is a more clear and accurate term to use.

  • Create new game modes and features such as: chat, detailed statistics, clan system, messenger system, mini-map for party, custom skins and others. Extensions would become redundant if we have new features. Miniclip can monetize on custom skins.
  • The ranking system should be based on skill, not play time. 
  • Website is the original and best version of It should be prioritized. The mobile version should be a copy of the web version and not vice versa. We don't want potions and other junk (DNA). Keep free from bloatware. This isn't
  • Players should have the option to change their profile picture and user ID to a custom one for personalization and privacy. Miniclip can monetize on custom user names by asking for a fee if the user wants to rename after the first free change.
  • Official forums so we can directly communicate with the team (developers included).
  • Don't release updates for the public stable version without proper testing. Use a beta testing environment instead. Miniclip and players should be able to test upcoming updates and give feedback (bug finding, general response, suggestions etc).
  • Release more original style skins (Microsoft Paint ones) and make them visible in the shop.
  • Stop favoritism: stop supporting one political faction or country over another - release all country skins and stop censorship of original skins.
  • Native registration system: to sign up with an account and not third party websites such as Facebook. Third party accounts should be transferred to the account.

These were some of the many suggestions we have. Please communicate with us so we can guide and help you.

Many of us loyal and veteran players take the game personally and are saddened when we witness the downfall and neglect. isn't an average game like Call of Duty which is recycled annually. is an original masterpiece. Take care of the community and we will take care of you. We will allow advertisements on website if you listen to us and make great again. Ignore us and you will continually be known as Moneyclip. A negative word of mouth and bad press isn't desirable for a gaming business. We hope our words reach you and that we can make great again.

If you would like to get in contact with me, please send an e-mail to:

Thank you for reading.

Gamerly yours, The Community


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