Miniature pigs are PETS not livestock! Help us amend the Louisville, KY city ordinance

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We are working to gain the support of our community in amending current Louisville Metro Animal Ordinances The current ordinance includes mini pigs in the "livestock" category which prohibits the keeping of pet miniature and/or potbellied pigs weighing more than 40lbs on any lot less than a 0.5 acres within city limits. 

American Mini Pig, most commonly a potbellied pig or similar breed, belong in the domestic animal category much more than the livestock category. Today, these mini pigs are commonly kept as pets in people’s homes, even in urban areas. For nearly all these owners, the animals are not kept for use and profit or regarded as an asset as livestock is defined. Mini pigs, most of which are the size of most medium dog, are kept for companionship or pleasure and treated affectionately as per the definition of a pet.

Unfortunately, every day across the country pigs are removed from loving homes and placed in shelters causing undue stress to the pigs, which are extremely hard to place in a new home. It's been said that 90% of pigs are rehomed before their FIRST birthday. Our goal in changing this ordinance is to reduce the number of times that pigs are removed from their home in Louisville. You will soon learn these pigs are not much different than any other domestic pet including man’s best friend, the dog. My plan, which begins with changing this ordinance, is to help educate the public before they get a pet pig and prepare them for what is to come. I want o ensure all potential pet pig owners are responsible and my hope is to deter anyone who may not realize what having a pet pig is truly like.

There are hundreds of people like me that have already petitioned this change throughout the country, with many being successful. Mini pigs are sensitive and intelligent, and they deserve to be treated like pets. They are not bacon; they are a best friend, a life saver, a reason to keep moving forward, and they are unconditional love. It is only fair that the citizens of Louisville get to (legally) experience the joy of owning a mini pig.

We believe that the key to gaining support for these animals as pets is dispelling the many common misconceptions about these animals. Miniature pigs are not food, they are not dangerous, they do not smell, they are extremely intelligent and they offer great companionship.

We know this from experience! We are currently owners of four mini pigs, two of which we hand raised from the day they were born, one which was rehomed to us from a lady who was moving and could no longer keep her pig, and a fourth which we rescued after she was attacked by dogs at her previous owners home. We love these pigs like they are our own kids. They are currently licensed in the city of Louisville but due to recent events which included neighboring dogs entering our yard and brutally attacking our Daisy we have been told they may have to weigh our pigs and possibly remove them. This comes less than 6 months after Louisville Metro Animal Services made a home visit and verified that the pigs were small enough to be issued a permit.

We ask that our neighbors, friends, and fellow pig parents sign our petition to have this ordinance amended to allow all miniature pigs to live in Louisville as pets without an unrealistic weight limit lingering over their ability to stay in their home.

We will include this petition in our publication for public hearing in hope that our city council will amend current ordinance to allow mini pigs to live in pig educated homes, like ours. Please share this so we can help bring education and awareness to our cause.

Thank you for the support!

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