Cancel the Operating Licence of Greyhound Racing NSW

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Dear Minister Anderson,

We urge you to immediately to cancel the operating licence of Greyhound Racing New South Wales (GRNSW). GRNSW is failing to meet all 3 legislated objectives and it has engaged in unethical behaviour in its treatment of Dapto Agricultural & Horticultural Society. 

GRNSW has engaged in bullying and deceptive behaviour and has lost the trust of the public.
GRNSW is attempting to force the Dapto Agriculture and Horticultural Society (DAHS) into an unstainable contract which could result in the demise of the community activities supported by DAHS, including the Dapto football club and the legendary Sunday markets. The actions of GRNSW would also prevent DAHS from implementing their visionary plans to transform the space to meeting the community’s recreational needs for the future. The operating license you have given GRNSW does not give them the power to take over and ruin a not-for-profit organisation like DAHS. The Dapto showground is for the people of the Illawarra, not for the interests of a racing-gambling organisation.

GRNSW has publicly lied about their knowledge of the plans of DAHS and is engaging in a public campaign to ruin a community organisation.  GRNSW is trying to force DAHS to continue to race dogs at a financial loss, which is the opposite of community and democracy.

GRNSW released its annual report which shows it is operating at a loss of $1.5 million. This shows that GRNSW is not an economically viable entity.

GRNSW is also failing its legislated responsibility to have a regard for greyhound welfare by not accounting for approximately 4000 missing greyhounds each year, or having viable rehoming options for all greyhounds born in NSW.

We urge the Minister to cancel the operating licence of GRNSW on the basis of their unethical and deceptive behaviour and their failure to meet all three principal legislated objectives.