Justice for the death of Joel Acevedo by off duty MPD Officer Michael Mattioli

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Police Brutality whether on duty or off duty is an extremely egregious act and a disservice to the community that they have VOWED to service and protect. Joel Acevedo only 25yrs old held many dreams and aspirations to one day serve and protect his community of Milwaukee. Acevedo was placed in a fatal chokehold by off duty Police Officer, Michael Mattioli, resulting in the death of Acevedo 6 days later in the ICU. Acevedo was invited to Mattioli's home for a get-together with friends during a nationwide stay at home order due to COVID-19 on April 19, 2020. 

Since then Officer Mattioli continues free on bond from the first charges of first-degree reckless injury and strangulation, and is still receiving pay after Acevedo's death was ruled a homicide!! Charges against Mattioli have now officially been ruled as first-degree reckless homicide. The family of Acevedo is calling for IMMEDIATE arrest and termination of Officer Mattioli, the immediate release (to the family and Attorney of Acevedo) of body cam footage (worn by the first responding officers who witnessed Mattioli straddling Acevedo), the release of the 911 phone call (which Acevedo's last gasps for air can be clearly heard along with his last words pleading to let him go home), as well as the arrests of the two additional individuals who are believed to have assisted and facilitated the strangulation of Joel Acevedo.

Below is the link to Joel Acevedo's GoFundMe page which is managed by his sister Julissa Acevedo. Please support in any way you can! Thank you!!