Southeastern Wisconsin needs a BMX Track!!

Southeastern Wisconsin needs a BMX Track!!

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Andrew Ophoven started this petition to Milwaukee County and

Hello My name is Andrew Ophoven and I am currently the administrator of the Southeastern Wisconsin BMX Group Facebook page.  My son, Jackson asked me to start a Bmx track 2 years ago so we wouldn’t need to drive continuously to race our Bmx bikes. It is our goal to get Southeastern Wisconsin racing locally here again and form a non profit organization for USA BMX.  The sport of BMX is the fastest growing family sport in North America.  BMX positively benefits its communities by bringing local volunteers together as a team to help strengthen and give positive results back to its communities through racing.  In Wisconsin there are some very successful BMX tracks:  Wisconsin Rapids, Oshkosh, Deforest and Rhinelander.  Illinois also has Rockford, Waukegan and Elgin with in similar distances of 1-3 hours away.   

Unfortunately The Rock Complex in Franklin and Walworth County Bmx in Elkhorn Wi closed down. Now there are no BMX track’s in Southeastern Wisconsin.  These tracks provided a place for children big and small to be free, have fun and race safely locally in our area with their families and friends supervised.  Unfortunately now for BMX racing families in SE Wisconsin there has to be roughly an 80 mile one way commute to race or more.  With this distance there’s still a large amount of families commuting because of their love for the sport of Bmx at neighboring tracks.  It would be much more desirable and beneficial to our communities and Bmx participants to spend more time racing/practicing here versus driving out of state or to another community to do so.  

BMX ranges from 3 years old all the way up to senior citizens. There are classes for age and experience levels, boys and girls, starting at novice and progressing all the way up to Expert.  There are many different racing events that bring excellent revenue to the surrounding tourism communities of a BMX track.  There are local races and practices weekly with often big 2-3 day event races on the weekends throughout the summer and fall season.  The draw to these big events such as the recent Wisconsin Rapids BMX Badger State National held on a 2 day weekend a couple years ago was amazing. The economic impact that these events draw are fantastic. Our communities could definitely benefit from a track local here in Southeastern Wisconsin. 

To get started we need the land or space to make this opportunity happen. About the size of one baseball diamond. This will be a sweat equity project working with local communities and their families to make something special here in Southeastern Wisconsin again.  We have a great start with a great following ready for the opportunity.  

We Have:
-A great Facebook Page with a great following. Southeastern Wisconsin Bmx Group currently has over 1000 members and growing fast and ready to form a non-profit organization for USABMX.  Its definitely showing a demand for a BMX track here. 
-Good support from local people in our communities interested in volunteering and supporting this BMX track.  The support we have from our local Wisconsin tracks is also strong as they all work together nicely. 
-There’s a huge following of racers locally in southeastern Wisconsin and neighboring tracks to make this grow quickly and be successful. 
-USABMX has the insurance policy covered once we are approved as an organization.
-We would bring over our already purchased, well functioning race starting gate and controls. 
-We have old Walworth county BMX in Elkorn ready with 80 quad axle dump truck loads of good race dirt for track development.
-We have volunteers ready to seek sponsors. 
-We have carpenters, welders, machine operators, registration and cashiers, chefs and possible food vendor ideas dependent upon location options, asphalt workers, cement workers, track development support, electricians, contractor for build structures, fence company, drainage crew support, nurses, accountants, IT personal and more ready to go if we can get this started.

What we don’t have: 
-A 1$ land lease from the city, county or state for 10-20 years locked in or any other way to obtain land. This and location would be ideal and how many tracks are very successful. 
Wisconsin Rapids did exactly this right under their water tower! Easily seen by passers by. 
- Once we have land then we would be able to collect revenue from sponsors and set up 501C3, tax exempt, grants, incorporated ect.        

Together I think we can make something great happen for a track here in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We need signatures to show the demand is not just my son and I!  Let them here your voice!!  Please let’s get the attention by getting as many signatures as possible.  I truly believe this corner of Wisconsin has the potential of being one of the best tracks in the Midwest. Let’s Goooooo Racing again Southeastern Wisconsin Bmxers!!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
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