Stop the proposed condo complex development in the Historical Downtown Core of Milton

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Drive Sensible Development at Bronte & Main

The proposed high rise development of two towers, 17 and 18 storeys, and 508 units at the North West corner of Bronte & Main Streets threaten the beauty, unique and charming heritage of downtown Milton, and would destroy the views for all Miltonians of the Niagara Escarpment, Milton’s most unique natural feature, a UNESCO designated World Biosphere site.  This is one of the founding principals in Milton’s Official Plan, and a major part of the town planning policy.

Current zoning by-law limits height to 4 stories.  As of January 2020, the developer Vue Developments on Main (Durante Group) is seeking amendments for two towers of 17 & 18 stories, a 450% increase in height vs. by-laws with no proposed net benefit to the town. High-rise development is not sensible for this location or for the surrounding area.

Other significant concerns with high-rise development at this location:

  • Significantly conflicts with the Town’s current Official Plan, Intensification Study & By-Laws
  • Location is outside the Town’s designated Urban Growth Centre
  • 17 & 18 storey towers (or any high-rise development) would be completely out of character with nearby 1 & 2 storey buildings
  • Insufficient development charges, a potential $275,000 cost to local taxpayers, plus road infrastructure and municipal services costs potentially in the millions of dollars.  
  • Traffic congestion will worsen at an already over-stressed intersection (rated “LOS-F” – lowest possible)
  • Endangers Children’s safety on quiet local residential streets with increased cut-through traffic
  • Pedestrian safety put at risk due to narrow sidewalk too close to the road (insufficient setbacks)
  • Additional strain on existing municipal and regional infrastructure (sewer & water)
  • Wind acceleration between towers and proximity to the raised railroad is a safety concern
  • Climate Change: According to experts, tall glass buildings are energy guzzlers and the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in urban centres—even more so than transportation. And cities and towns ignoring them means that one of the biggest catalysts for climate change remains unchecked.
  • Environmental concerns: glass wall construction, causes bird strikes and potentially dangerous reflections for drivers; high-rise towers create noise & light pollution for the residential area and the Escarpment
  • Shadowing impacts downtown core and local residences beyond the Town’s accepted standards – developer relies on “existing mature tree canopy” as their “reasonable transition” to residential neighbourhood
  • Insufficient parking per current by-law resulting in increased street parking
  • Residential loss of privacy due to overlook height
  • This would be setting a precedence along the west side of Bronte Street.

High-rise developments are happening. Help (Our Milton - Miltonians for Sensible Development) build a sensible future for Milton and join us by signing this petition to be sent to the Town of Milton Council and Town of Milton Planning Department.  We are asking them to use common sense and prevent this high-rise development at Bronte & Main.  Council should consider sensible developments for this site which adhere to the four stories in the current official plan and respect the heritage of the neighbourhood. 

Town of Milton Contacts

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Gordon Krantz


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Town Councillor Ward 3

Rick Di Lorenzo

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Zeeshan Hamid


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Sameera Ali


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