Slow/Stop Spread of COVID-19 in Milpitas (@WeAsk2Mask)

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We read stories daily and almost on the hour of how COVID-19 cases are growing across the United States. Most of these stories are not from Milpitas. A few weeks ago a case of COVID-19 hit close to home. A family friend called out of the blue and was unsure about life expectancy. The person had been isolated from family for more than 2 weeks, lungs were weak and breathing labored. The friend asked for prayer. The friend asked me to request others pray as well. I activated my social media network and more than 400 people responded over a few days. It was powerful. I received a positive report from my friend that it appears the worst may be over. Unfortunately the COVID-19 virus had taken its toll and permanently weakened the lungs and immune system. Wow.

The latest guidelines from the state, county requires us to wear masks/face coverings. The Federal government is adamantly pushing forward for schools to open and more economic activity. The @weask2mask campaign is a pledge for WE THE MILPITAS COMMUNITY to work together and better protect the Milpitas community for the following reasons: 

  • We have a vulnerable population of Seniors, with families, who have dedicated their lives to making Milpitas a positive place to live for many years.
  • We have a vulnerable population of Milpitas civil servants, with families, who have dedicated their lives to make Milpitas safe for residents, visitors and businesses
  • We have a vulnerable population of City of Milpitas employees, with families, who serve the community as a whole. 
  • We have a vulnerable population of Milpitas Unified School District employees, with families, who believe in the power and purpose of learning for Milpitas children to become their best selves.

Research has shown, models of COVID-19 transmission slowing/stopping if a sufficient proportion of people wear effective masks/face coverings. Locations which have a culture where mask/face coverings are the norm, have generally outperformed their counterparts in suppressing transmission. Scientific studies have shown that masks act as a barrier to transmission.  

A map of what is happening in Milpitas is here:

By signing this petition, you are joining many of the Milpitas Community (old and new) in the @weask2mask campaign.

This Milpitas petition is seeking the following support:

0. Milpitas young adults and students, who are able, lead the way with your actions, wear a mask/face covering in public where social distancing is not possible, avoid/minimize large gatherings wherever possible and encourage friends, family members and social networks to do the same. 

1. Milpitas residents, who are able, wear a mask/face covering when you are not at home or in public settings where social distancing is not possible.

2. Milpitas leaders, who are able, lead by example in wearing mask/face coverings when in public settings and where social distancing is not possible. We ask common sense ordinances be determined that support local safety, reduce mortality rates, offer best practices, rebuild the local economy..... 

3. Milpitas business owners/employers, who live local and otherwise, ensure their patrons who enter their establishments are following CDC guidelines and local ordinances by wearing mask/face coverings......

4. Milpitas employees, who live local and otherwise, who have high contact with people, take special care of themselves and extra precautions prior to entering our city and when they leave. 

5. Milpitas visitors respect our commitment to health, appreciate our working together as a city and aren't offended when we-ask-2-mask or decline entry into a business or building. 

6. Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD) leaders find the "best possible" balance of prioritization of health, safety and continuity of learning equitably for all which includes distance learning, on campus learning and hybrid learning strategies (which safely combines both distance and on campus).  

7. Milpitas families, who are able, with school age children, who are able and capable, should practice wearing masks/face coverings to the best of your ability when near others. We also understand not all children should or are able to wear masks/face coverings for long periods of time.  

To spread the word, show unity and support, we ask you like our Facebook page: or post a photo of yourself wearing a mask/face covering on our @weask2mask instagram page . 

Photo from The Verde Independent