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It’s only natural for beer commercials to insult “girly behavior,” but that doesn’t mean that it is right. It is insulting to see that not only men but women as well agree with the notion that a man engaging in “typically female” behavior is not right.

Letter to
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, MillerCoors Andrew England
I am writing to you about your commercial that explains that if a man engages in “typically feminine” behavior like asking his friends to go to the restroom with him, he is in danger of getting his “man card” revoked. I do not like this commercial because it shows that both women and men find it strange when that happens which is just sexists. You will no longer get my business until you start treating women and men as equals.
This commercial is very problematic for women and men because it shows that if a man acts “girly” he is no longer a man but the worst part is that the women in the commercial poke fun at the guy engaging in the feminine behavior reinforcing the notion that going to the bathroom in groups is something that “only girls do”.
I will no longer support Miller Lite. In order to win my business back, Miller Lite needs to stop being sexist to women and men. I am telling other consumers and all of my friends and acquaintances about my thoughts and encouraging them to take the same action.

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