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Security to physically check all vehicles leaving Condado De Alhama

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Every year on Condado De Alhama we have a spate of break ins, burglaries and thefts.

The gates on Condado de Alhama are manned 24 hours, 7 days a week by paid security who are there to provide security.

Most of the time the guards remain inside their booth and just wave vehicles in and out, which will do nothing to stop the movement of stolen goods out of the resort.

We the owners request that the security guards physically check EVERY single vehicle which leaves the resort in order to inspect them, by requesting the driver to open all doors and for security to visually cast an eye over the vehicle contents.

Anything which arouses suspicion should be logged along with the drivers details in case of an owner filing a report of stolen goods in the future

As owners of this resort we believe that this is not too onerous a task to expect from security which we all pay for and it will send out a message loud and clear that we take security seriously.

If the security company refuse to ensure their staff carry out this task each and EVERY time a vehicle leaves, then change security companies for one who will.

Enough is enough and we demand that every action is taken to minimise the thefts on the resort as we do not need this resort to gain a reputation in the area for being crime ridden and easy pickings.

This should have been in place from the outset and its remiss of our Security, our Resort Management and our Presidents that this simple task is not routine despite numerous thefts from owners who work hard all year round to afford a safe and secure place in the sun.

Its time that these crimes were interrupted, disturbed, discouraged and ultimately stopped.



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